Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Assignment #1

   Hi! My name is Brittni Sasser. I am 19 years old and this is my first semester at South Alabama. My family and I are very close. Without my parents and my younger brother, I would not be where I am or who I am today. Also, I love my church family. We attend Saraland United Methodist. Saraland United Methodist is not only my church, but it is where I work two days a week. I work with all ages in our Early Learning Center.

   I graduated from Satsuma High school in 2009. After Satsuma, I went to Faulkner State Community college until I decided to transfer and further my education at South.

   After I graduate, I would love to get my Masters and learn as much as possible before becoming a teacher. Children have always been my passion. I love the reaction when a child discovers how to read, write, and learn something new. I plan to, one day, have a great Kindergarten class!

Go Jags!


  1. Hi Brittni. Children have always been my passion as well, I have a 3 year old niece and she is learning so much right now and the expression she has when she learns new things is just priceless. I am hoping to teach Kindergarden, but really any class between K-6th I would enjoy teaching. Just the expression on my students faces once they learn something new will be rewarding. I am hoping to get my Master's degree after graduation, but for right now I am focusing on my Bachelor's and upon graduating will go from there.

  2. Im interested in learning about 'The Jags'. Are they a team of some sort? As an australian and a PE teacher I am very interested in sports from around the world.

    Its also great to read of your positive experiences with children, Keep up the great work

  3. Hi there Brittni. I attend First United Methodist Church of Grand Bay. I understand what a large influence a Church family can have on your life. I know mine has been better off for it and am glad for you to have that in your life. Did you like Faulkner? I have a friend who is a teacher that went there and she says she loved it.
    It sounds like you have what it takes to work with small children. I am sure you will make an excellent kindergarten teacher.

  4. Thank you Tracy and Pamela. Good luck with school and im sure you two will be great teachers also! I enjoyed Faulkner. It was a great transition from High school.


    The Jags have baseball, basketball, track, football, and more. I am new to South so I am learning our sports as well! I am glad you enjoyed my post. It is great to know that many people read and comment here. Thank you!

  6. I think you should teach for a couple of years before getting your masters. You will know a lot more and learn more in the long run I think. Just a thought - but you should consider it.

  7. Brittni: You mentioned have you found out who he is? Do so. there is a clue at #edm310

  8. Dr. Strange,

    Thank you for the advice on teaching before getting my masters. I have not thought about teaching for a while and then going back to school for it. Also, Mr. Robbo is a great Physical Education teacher. He has great and creative ideas on his page.