Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Assignment #2

1. Did You Know?
Wow. After watching this video, I would have to say it is pretty scary how fast technology has come. It has come even further since 2011. This video really makes you stop and think about how much we are beginning to use the internet and electronics in every single thing that we do.

We all know that technology is growing, but I’m not sure we realize how much. It is interesting to me to see, first of all, that they are able to know what technology will be here in 2049. As well as, making it "exceed the computational capabilities of the entire human species."

2. Mr. Winkle Wakes
Once again, this video shows how technology is used everywhere, in everything we do, in so many ways. But, like the video shows, students are not getting to experience this technology while in school. I remember in High school when our school received Smart boards. We were all so excited. Needless to say, they sat in classrooms, in hallways, and in the library and were never used.

That is what has happened in schools for years and is still happening now. Students are being taught the same things, the same ways. They are bored. Bringing technology in classrooms would make learning fun. The more fun, the more willing and eager to learn the students will become. Mr. Winkle was a good example of how even after 100 years, things are still being taught the same way.

3. The Importance of Creativity
After watching Sir Ken Robinson’s video, I think what a wonderful view on creativity. I cannot agree more with everything that he mentioned. At the Learning Center, where I work, the children are amazing in their creative skills. They are, of course, anywhere from one to five but those are the very ages when creativity begins and when school starts creativity ends. Like Sir Robinson said, “Children are not afraid of creating things, even if they are wrong.” The teachers at the Learning Center definitely keep creativity alive in their rooms.

This video and the teachers at the Learning Center give me great and very useful ideas that I will use in my classroom. I like to think of myself as a creative thinker a lot of times and I cannot imagine my classroom without all of the creativity and imagination as we can possible have. “We may not see the future but they will. Let’s make something of it.”

4. Cecelia Gault's Interview
Cecelia Gault is a very smart girl. She is very interested in what Sir Ken Robinson has to say about creativity, imagination, why other countries are learning much faster than others, and what intelligence is. Anyone who watches this video can see, Cecelia Gault, is eager to learn as much as she can.

We must help each student get as much information as they can in order to help further their education. We, also, must help to keep students as eager as we can about learning. Students like Cecelia Gault are few and far between. However, this does not mean that we cannot educate students to be more like Cecelia.

5. Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
It really opened my eyes when she said that to be a teacher you do not have to already know everything before you start to teach. I have never really thought like that, but I am glad she made me take a different approach to it. Also, I think it is awesome that she is teaching her students and they are teaching her. It is a true experience when everyone is learning and teaching too.

I think everything that she is doing on the computer is a great way to teach her students and to help them learn. It is getting them connected with other people from all around the world. She is making a statement in her teaching technique.


  1. "It has come even further since 2011." What kind of clock are you using?

    "...that they are able to know..." It is only a guess! probably a pretty good one but I doubt that you would get any guarantees!

    "...and were never used." And schools are relevant to our lives today?

    How will you ensure that creativity blossoms in your classroom?

    Is it information or the "eagerness to learn" that is most important as a goal?

    "It really opened my eyes when she said that to be a teacher you do not have to already know everything before you start to teach." I'm glad your eyes are now wide open!

  2. It is amazing how much we use technology and depend on it for so many different things in society today.
    You also have to think that there are schools that are introducing technology in the classrooms. When I was in high school, we got new Smart boards, and they were used in the class room. Also, my school had at least 5 classes available online by the time that I graduated.
    Creativity is an amazing thing. It is completely true that children are not afraid to be creative.
    As Dr. Strange has said in class, he does not know the answers to everything, but he can always find out.

  3. Dr. Strange,
    I have many ideas of making sure creativity will blossom in my classroom. One way, is to be sure that we are getting the most out of technology as we possibly can. Also, I believe that children do well and love to learn through music. Our children at the Learning Center learn many different things through music. For example, a few times a week, we teach phonics with music. They are able to sing along to the songs while learning. Teachers, also, have music with rules for their classrooms, which makes the children understand what to do and what no to do in the classroom in a fun way. Rather than reading a list of rules from the wall, they are singing and dancing to the rules while learning what they are. Music is such a wonderful way to help children get excited about learning. They will remember what they have heard and are excited to keep learning.
    These are just a few ways I plan on keeping my room alive with creativity. I have many ideas that I cannot wait to use. Also, I am very excited to learn more ways to make learning creative, fun, and something children want to do!