Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog Assignment #3

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1. A Vision of Students Today
A Vision of Students Today is, indeed, how would view my college experience so far. Although this video is short and very simple, it shows the lack of technology used. It also shows how things should be, but are not changing over time. Students sit in desk, teachers lecture and it is the same methods year to year. We are students working to build a better future. What are we doing to get there?
Students buy books that are never even opened. That is such a big deal to me, not only because it is a waste of money, but what does that teach us? We buy books in hopes that we are at least going to open them. Our books should be broken into by the end of the year. Almost all classrooms still have chalkboards and still use them. Even though, our classrooms had Smart Boards they were never used at my school. We are the future. Therefore, we should be working and striving to make changes.

2. It's Not about the Technology
Mrs. Hines makes some very interesting points in her post “It’s Not about the Technology.” If teachers do not know much about the new technology, then, “It’s not about the Technology” has truth. Teachers must know something about the technology before they try to use it when teaching. We have all heard teachers say this, “I don’t know why these kids don’t get it. I’ve taught it a hundred times.” Like Mrs. Hines said, you may have taught it a hundred times, but if the student does not understand then it does not matter how many times you teach it.
Learning new and different ways that will help a student understand is a great way to avoid “teaching it a hundred times.” Because more than likely you are teaching it a hundred times, and each time you are teaching it the same way which leaves you right where you started. Being able to have numerous ways of teaching one thing is something that I will have to work on because I think that it would make things flow better in the classroom. Different children learn in different ways so different methods have to be used.  

3. Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
I would have to say my answer to this question is no. No, it is not okay to be technologically illiterate in a classroom. To me, teaching requires you to have knowledge of the technology around you. While technology is rapidly growing, the classroom is just the place for it to be alive. Students are certainly aware of technology so it is a good idea that the teachers are too.
Like Mr. Fisch said in his post, technology is especially growing with communication. Communication is essential when teaching because you must be able to communicate well with your students, other teachers, as well as, with parents.  There are so many more ways of teaching through technology. It makes learning more fun for the students and the teachers. Teachers who are passionate about doing everything they can to reach their students level, should be learning all about technology to help their students succeed! 

4. Gary Hayes Social Media Count
It is incredible to look at the speed of each of the counts on this website. Not only is the speed mind blowing but the number of people that are doing this is just insane. It is hard to think about how to keep up with technology. That is almost impossible. I will have to find ways to try and keep up with technology and how fast things are going on. Luckily, this class seems like it will be such good help with that!

5. Technology in the Classroom
This video helps to show just how useful technology really is in the classroom. It shows great examples of how technology can be used. Brooke, also, states that it is just a lot of fun to use. That is so true! “Technology has tremendous power to help students obtain, organize, manipulate, and display information.”


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this blog assignment. I really enjoyed reading them.
    On, “A Vision of Student’s Today”, I could not agree with you more. I have two text books that I have not even touched this semester!
    You and I have both discussed the same thing on Mrs. Hines’ blog. How can a teacher not change their method of teaching? Students are not all the same, especially from year to year. A teacher must reevaluate their method and change it to accommodate students.
    The last couple of blogs were on technology and I sure hope that by the time we graduate technology is becoming more of an asset in schools than it is today. It has such great benefits for students and their future. If the education system has not come around in just a couple of years, maybe our experience in EDM 310 will help us pave the way.
    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. Have fun learning in EDM 310.

  2. Brittni,

    I like that you said that teachers have to teach a unit different sometimes. I think many teachers forget that we all have different learning styles, and Kelly Hines definitely made a great point about reaching all students. I am glad to hear that you agree that all teachers should be technologically literate. It is extremely important this day in age.

  3. Thank you for your thoughts Olivia and Jamie Lynn! Being able to reach each student is a very big deal. It is important to understand that every student has a different way of learning and it is our job, as future teachers, to learn how to meet the needs of each student.