Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Assignment #4

1. Don’t teach your kids this stuff. Please?

Scott McLeod is an Associate Professor in the Educational Administration program, at Iowa State University. He is the Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education. He was also a co-creator in the video, Did You Know? (Shift Happens). Dr. McLeod is known as one of the nation’s leading academic experts on K-12 school technology leadership issues.
Dr. McLeod’s is stating in his post how technology can be used in negative and bad ways. It is sad to say that people are using technology for the ways that Dr. McLeod mentioned. However, I think that the good outweighs the bad in this case. He is very sarcastic in his post, but I think it is an interesting way in getting the point across. I believe that if children have a proper knowledge of technology and what it is supposed to be used for then it is a wonderful thing. But if children do not have proper knowledge in how to use technology then it can, if fact, be used for bad purposes. This does not mean that technology and computers should not be used just because of the bad things they could be used for. Computers are used for much more good than bad and are worth the risk.  

2. The iSchool initiative (Mobile Learning)

 Wow, talk about a money and time saver! Travis is seriously on to something with the iSchool initiative. He has put a lot of time and thought into how schools, students, and parents could easily save money. He estimated that we could each save around $600. That is a great saving! I was not aware of how much the iPhone could do. I have a few Apps on my Droid, but nothing that compares to these.
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I would like to think that sometime in the future the idea of the iSchool could possibly happen. I mean, technology is growing at a rapid rate as it is. The iSchool would definitely save a lot of money and time looking for a book or homework you misplaced. With the iSchool everything is just a few clicks away from your iPhone or iTouch. Could something as simple as downloadable Apps onto our phones really start taking the place of books, computers, calculators, calendars, paper, pencils, and more?

3. Lost Generation

This video is probably one of my favorites that we have seen so far. It is awesome that the writer is able to take something so negative and without hope and turn it into something terrific and hopeful. This video is a great example of how something bad can be turned around just by you believing it can be done. No way will I let people tell me how my life will end up. There is hope for anyone to turn their life around if they ever feel like the writer in the first part of the video.
Picture of Eric Whitacre conductingImage via Wikipedia4. Eric Whitarce's Lux Aurumque
This is incredible. As I watched this video my jaw literally dropped because I can not even imagine how this is possible. The participants did not meet each other to practice, nor did they meet Eric Whitacre’s. These people are from all over the world and are able to put something together like this. I can not even begin to  think through the process of all of that. Eric Whitacre’s obviously has a great deal of creativity and a lot of knowledge about technology.
 5. Teaching In the 21st Century                                 
 Teaching in The 21st Century had very good points and questions. The part that stuck out most to me was when entertainment and engagement was being compared. Entertainment is not all there is to teaching. It is not only what teaching is all about. We should be learning about how to engage our students with what is being taught.

Engaging students with better activities, involvement, and questions will have them more motivated to learn. Engagement can also be fun, but it is not all that it has to offer. Teaching students in the 21st Century is about helping them find, solve, understand, and answer the questions. It is about having fun while learning and being motivated to learn and want to figure out answers. Teaching students in the 21st Century takes us, soon to be teachers, trying to figure out different, better, more effective teaching methods and applying them to each student in the classroom.
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  1. So you agree with Dr. McLeod. Your writing is not as clear and precise as it could be. If you generally have difficulty with your writing the Writing Lab can be of great help.

    Travis was talking about the iPod Touch. Now he is emphasizing the iPad. Both provide great opportunities for new approaches to organizing and delivering instruction. I will have more to say about this a week from today.

    Yes. Your job will be to engage your students. Are you being prepared for that in the College of Education?

  2. I loved the Teaching in the 21st Century video, but it made me question myself in a lot of important areas. Do I think that we should break away from facts and content based learning in order to move onto teaching problem solving and higher order thinking skills that will actually benefit the student after they graduate? Yes. Do I think I am ready to effectively use this practice in my classroom? No. (But then again isn't that why we're in EDM310) But it was great how they gave actual examples of how to question the students in a way that they must solve real life problems that are relevant to the class and life as a whole even after school is over.

  3. Dr. Strange,

    Technology in the classroom is a great tool to have and use in the classroom. I am a believer that teachers must be technologically literate. Also, I think college is preparing me to engage my future students. This is the first education class that I have taken. I still have many more to go. However, I am looking forward to learning more about engaging and not just entering. I am looking forward in learning how to make things as interesting as possible so my students will love to learn.