Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog Assignment #6

1. The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler

Even though technology is and will continue to advance, there will always be a spot for teachers. Teaching is a job that is definitely needed. Teachers will continue to grow and learn as technology grows and they will learn to teach their students all that they can. The job of a teacher will be the same no matter how technology advances. The main goals are to keep students interested by keeping creativity in your classroom, help students to love learning, guide students to reach goals and to strive harder. Teachers will always have to help guide their students in learning. I think this video should ease the fear that future teachers may have about technology taking our jobs.

While watching this video I began to compare this method to our EDM 310 class. It shows how students and teachers from around the world can stay connected with each other simply by blogging. New ideas, new ways of learning and communication are all through technology. I feel that EDM 310 helps students stay on top of things and search for the answers. It is such a good feeling to find out new things on our own because it makes you feel accomplished and proud, which is something I look forward to my students feeling.

In my opinion, I am well on my way to being a teacher of the networked student. EDM 310 is my first educational class and it has already started to prepare me. Everything that students do in this class prepares us to be awesome teachers with technology. I look forward to what else EDM 310 will teach me and also what I will take from my educational classes to come!

2. A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment

This 7th grade student did a great job creating her PLE. I like that she has different categories for her tiles. That makes her PLE very organized. Also, it was interesting to watch how she set up the different sites and tiles for her science class. I started on my PLN before I watched her video but after I watched it I went back and did more to mine because her video had good direction to how to make it. We both have Blogger, Facebook, Google, Youtube, and Yahoo. I hope when my PLN is complete it will be detailed like hers.

3. Critiques of Smartboard

Why Smartboards Are A Dumb Initiative
Basically, Michael Staton says that Smartboards are the “least cost-effictive way to improve learning”. Smartboards are just a wow factor to amuse the students, according to Michael. He says that Smartboards are a waste of money and make teachers manage lessons that they would rather not manage.

Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboards
Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboards
Bill Ferriter describes the Smartboard as basically useless and a waste of money. He says that he had one in his classroom but got rid of it because it is useless and did not make teaching any easier.

SMART Board Goodies
Take a look at Amber Coggin’s blog page called, SMART Board Goodies. On her blog she has awesome ideas and assignments that she has come up with for teaching using the Smartboard.

Teachers Love Smartboards

Obviously these teachers love their Smartboards! On this website you will see Smartboard tips, challenges, games, lesson plans, adding animation, and other ideas. Also, you are able to click on a grade or a subject and it gives you creative ideas on making your lesson fun. I enjoyed looking through this site and will be looking back through it again to get ideas for my Smartboard Project topic!


  1. Will you use the SmartBoard in your classroom? I am pretty sure I will. I love playing on it and I think it will be a great teaching tool!

  2. Hey Casey!

    Yes, I will definitely use the Smartboard in my classroom. I agree it is a great teaching tool.

  3. The SmartBoard is definitely something I will use too! Do you think you will make your students, or rather allow them to blog? I think it is a great tool for the classroom and to keep your students involved in each other's lives and interactions really could have beneficial results for the classroom and the students as individuals!

  4. I would love to get my students into blogging like we are doing in Dr. Strange's class. It is great to see how students are blogging around the world. They are doing great things with technology!

  5. Brittni, thanks for being so engaged with the projects and tools you are using in EDM. The smartboards are an amazing thing, and my PLN is great on twitter!

  6. Hey Brittni!

    I think I am one of the few students who have been able to see you play with a SmartBoard so far, and just from watching you interact with it, I'm sure you are going to implement it in your classroom somehow!

    I think they are great for the classroom, as long as we (teachers) have the training that is needed to use them!

    Great work on your blog, btw! You are doing an awesome job!!! Keep up the hard work!