Tuesday, February 22, 2011

C4K Summary # 1, 2, 3

For my first C4K, I was assigned to a student named Connor. Connor is from Comox Valley, Vancouver Island and he wants to be a video game designer when he grows. He is in the 6th grade. He has just started blogging and seems like he is really enjoying it. The name of Connor's blog that I commented on was, "Video Game Fest". In his post he talks about some of his favorite video games such as, Jak 2, Jak 3, Meteoroid Prime, and Super Mario Galaxy. Connor talks about how much he loves playing video games and hopes to one day design them! On Connor's blog I asked him to tell me more about these games, because most of them I have not heard of. I told him that my brother and I used to also love video games and we would play Super Mario, also.

For my second C4K, I was assigned to a student named Brandon. Brandon is from Point England School, which is in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a Year 4 student, which means he is in Miss. King’s class. Miss. King’s students have a blog so that they are able to share what they are learning and their projects online for friends and family to see. Students, like Brandon, are posting videos of assignments in their classroom. It seems that the students are enjoying their blog and are really leaning a lot by doing them. Point England School truly seems to be “building a pathway to success”.

Brandon's blog was about Netbook Day. I commented on Brandon's blog and asked him to tell me more about Netbook Day and what Miss. King allows them to do on this day. He is also very good with his blog and seems to enjoy it.

For my third C4K, I was assigned to a student named Turuhira. She is from Point England School in Auckland, New Zealand. Turuhira is a 6 year student and in Room 16. Her teachers name is Mr. Somerville. Students from Mr. Somerville’s class each have a blog. They are posting their work, stories, and even pictures to their blogs. The students seem to enjoy posting blogs, just like students in Miss. King’s class. This class blog is working great with these students. They are growing and learning about technology at such an early age!

Turuhira's blog was a story that she made up about her being a superhero. The name of her blog post was "Superhero Girl". She wrote a story about being a superhero and Volcano Boy as the "bad guy". Her purpose was to help people and her super strength was to make people happy.

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