Thursday, March 24, 2011

C4K Summary # 4, 5, 6

For my fourth C4K, I was assigned a student named Chelsea. She is a Year 8 student at Point England School in Auckland, New Zealand. Chelsea is in room 19 and her teachers name is Mr. Harris. Her blog post is called “Health Camp”. She wrote about a time when her and her friend Beni went to camp. She wrote about them playing games and that they got to stay at camp for 2 weeks. On Chelsea's blog I wrote to her that camps are a lot of fun. I asked her to tell me more about Health Camp and what activities she got to be apart of.

For my fifth C4K, I was assigned to a student named Benjamin. Benjamin is 11 years old and a Year 7 student at Point England School in Auckland, New Zealand. He is in Room 22 and his teachers name is Ms. Tito. Benjamin is from Cook Islands and has 5 sisters. The name of his blog post is "All About Me". Benjamin wrote in his blog post that his favorite thing to do is play rugby. On his blog I wrote, that sounds like a lot of fun having 5 sisters around! I only have one younger brother. I have never played rugby, but it sounds like a lot of fun.

For my sixth C4K, I was assigned to Team Two's Photo Challenge slideshow. The students on Team Two are in Mr. Webb Hamilton's room. Tatiana, Ridwan and Tamara are in Room 8 at Melville Intermediate School. Mr. Webb Hamilton assigned his Digital Photography students a special challenge. They had to create a slideshow that feature four sets of five pictures with the Themes being the Library, Around Melville, Odd and Students of MIS. Students had 15 minutes to take the pictures. Team Two did a wonderful job taking their pictures in just 15 minutes. They added background music to their slideshow, which was Classical Jazz.

On their blog, I wrote how great their slideshow presentation looked and sounded together. These three girls worked hard on their challenge and it showed. They also had comments from other students at the end of the slideshow, which I thought was cool! Their slideshow consisted of outside pictures, pictures of their school, and pictures of the girls in their group. What a fun and interesting challenge to have your students do!

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