Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Summary Post C4T #3

C4T #1
I was assigned to read Mr. Fisch post, "Archive of School Board Social Media Discussion".

Mr. Fisch post contained two videos and one chat concerning the use of Social Media in the classroom. First, is a slide show that has three circles with illustrations describing each. The three circles are: Purpose, Technology, and People. He has a UStream video and a chat with other teachers about using Social Media.

In summary, I wrote Mr. Fisch, The first slide show by Prezi was awesome! I enjoyed looking at each category and the examples that went along. I look forward to bringing Social Media into my classroom because it offers a great way to communicate, to gain information, and to stay connected with one another and technology. Social Media in the classroom will keep students interested and they will have fun will learning and staying connected.

C4T #2
I was assigned to read Mr. Fisch post, "The Learning Studio".

Mr. Fisch post was about the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia has created a room called "The Learning Studio." So what happens in The Learning Studio? Students work in teams of eight. The have a debate case which helps prepare them for the real world once they graduate and get a job. They read information beforehand and come to class to take a test on what they got from the reading. "Studies also show that individual grades improve when working within a team."

In summary, I wrote Mr. Fisch, The Learning Studio sounds like a fantastic idea. It is a great idea to have students working together in groups because each students will bring something different, which will make the group grow in learning together. I am a Elementary Education major, so I believe in starting group work early. Students will then be more prepared for group work in the years to come.

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