Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog Assignment #11

Being an Elementary Education major I especially loved the Little Kids...Big Potential video. It has always been my dream to have Kindergarten or First graders in my future classroom, and now I am learning to make something like this video come to life in my room. It is unbelievable to see these students at such a young age blogging and posting their assignments online. They love blogging and it is helping them learn so much. The students know the rules about blogging, like what you do and do not say on someones post. They are aware of internet safety and aware that you do not share personal information because it could be dangerous. The students tell how they are learning sight words, math, and even how to read by links their Ms. Cassidy post on the blog. This class, like Mr. McClung's class, is learning with groups of other students.

These students are even using Skype in their classroom! I have only used Skype a few times, yet they are in First grade and already using it to learn. Another thing that I really liked about this video was at the end there were pictures of the students teaching the class. I visited a Elementary school in Mobile a few months ago and the teachers let their students teach their class. These students were Pre-K to Kindergarten teaching other students about the Alphabet and it was really fun to watch. It is so awesome to see how engaged these young students are in learning through technology and also how much time the Ms. Cassidy is putting into helping her students learn. Little Kids...Big Potential fascinates me and gets me so excited about making this happen in my future classroom!

One of the techniques that I would like to use in my classroom would be blogging. Ms. Cassidy says blogging is different from pencil and paper because with blogging you have an audience. Students are able to post their work onto their blog and get feedback, not only from their teachers but other students, family members, other teachers, and more. She said her students love to blog because it is so different than the ordinary way of learning in the classroom. She explains that as a young student it is very powerful to see that hundreds of people are reading what you post on your blog. It makes the students really excited and to want to post more.

The thing that I like the most about Ms. Cassidy is that when she was starting out she did everything she could to bring technology in her room. She was very excited about her students learning through technology and she tried to learn as much as possible before her students started in her room. She said in the Skype Conversation that she does not really use a lot of technology at home, which means that she cares enough to bring it to her room for her students to learn. Ms. Cassidy is a teacher that is worth looking up to and I am going to strive to one day teach like she does.


  1. Brittni,
    While reading further and further into your post, I noticed that you and I had the same view or opinion about Ms. Cassidy. I totally agree that Ms. Cassidy is a wonderful teacher. It also surprised me whenever I started watching this video, especially seeing such young children blogging, using Skype, etc. This just stunned me due to me being twenty two years old and just now learning to do this. I admire Ms. Cassidy for teaching but also incorporating technology so early on. I, as well loved how the students knew what not to say when using Skype and Blogger. Ms Cassidy is sure doing a great job in her classroom. I really like that idea that you saw through observation at the school, allowing the students to teach. That is very creative!!! I really enjoyed reading your post and I as well cannot wait to be a teacher. Good luck!!!

  2. Thank you Tiffany! I hope we can all learn some of Ms. Cassidy's ways for our classrooms one day. She seems like such a great role model.

    Good luck to you too!

  3. Brittni,

    Mrs. Cassidy is definitely an educator that we can all look up to! What she does with her 1st graders is absolutely amazing! It goes to show that just because someone may be young, that doesn't mean that he or she is any less capable!

    Also, I'm very glad to hear that you plan on implementing blogging into your future classroom! I can't wait to hear of your ventures in the school system!

    Great post, but be sure to add title and alt modifiers to your pictures!

    - Allie

  4. Thank you Allie! That is very true that just because we are young does not mean we are any less capable to do anything we want in the classroom!

    I thought I added titles to all of my pictures..
    I will go back and check!