Thursday, April 21, 2011

C4K Summary # 7, 8, 9, 10

For my seventh C4K, I was assigned to watch a video on Mr. McClung's blog page about students doing a intermission for an event called World Festival. World Festival is an event that his students get to be apart of where they show off their projects from the year to their parents, grandparents, other teachers, and other students. One of Mr. McClung's teaching methods is getting his students to work together in groups, which he shows at the World Festival.

For my eighth C4K, I was assigned to a student named Cohen. Cohen's blog was not working, so Dr. Strange asked me to pick another student. I chose to write on a student's blog named Lucy. Lucy is a Year 6 student at Epping Heights in New South Wales, Australia. I commented on Lucy's blog post called, "Talking & Listening Task: Rainforest". This is a video of her presenting facts about the Rainforest to her class. In her presentation, she talks about why you should reduce, reuse, and recyle to save the Rainforest. She gave examples of how to save the Rainforest by doing these three things. Also, she named some of the animals that live in the Rainforest. Lucy defines a canopy and ecosystem in her video. In my post to Lucy, I told her how nice her blog looked and how well she did on her video presentation. Also, I told her that I espcially liked that she mentioned the jaguar in her video; because the University of South Alabama's mascot is a jaguar!

For C4K #9 we were all assigned to thoroughly read and look through Ms. Yollis' class blog. Ms. Yollis' is a third grade teacher in California. She recently finished her Master's Degree in Integrating Technology in the Classroom to help her improve the use of technology in anyway she can with her students.

One thing that I really love about Ms. Yollis' class blog is that her students are featured in all of the videos that I watched. You can tell her third graders love being in the videos and they look like they are having so much fun. One of the videos I really liked is the five tips for writing a quality comment. The best part of this video, in my opinion, is at the end when the student is talking about the last step, which is to proofread. He is informing whoever is going to write a comment about the punctuation you should use. I like seeing the third grader inform us on how to proofread because this shows Ms. Yollis' has taught him something that he would like to share with others!

As I browsed through Ms. Yollis' class blog I found Exploration of North America. These giant maps are an awesome teaching tool! It looks like these students learned so much from the map of North America and Asia. Ms. Yollis class made videos of their trip to North America and Asia, in which they learned new facts about the continent they were discussing! Ms. Yollis allowed her students to dress up to show more about where they were on the continent. The videos from these projects looked like her students took a lot of time learning about the continents to put the videos together.

Just reading the comments that these students are writing is amazing. They are in the third grade and are writing on such a higher level. Ms. Yollis is doing a great job in helping her students learn to write and blog early in school! It is easy to see from the comments from parents and grandparents that they are very proud to see what their children are doing.

I am so thankful for EDM 310 introducing us to teachers, like Ms. Yollis' and many others, who are making such an incredible impact in the lives of their students by using technology. The teachers Dr. Strange have introduced us to, through blogging, are the kind of teachers that we all should strive to be like. I am able to take so much from Ms. Yollis' class blog and incorporate ideas that I like into my future classroom. It is a great feeling to know that there are some teachers out there that are willing to advance their classroom with technology!

For my tenth C4K, I was assigned to write on a student named Jaden's blog from Mrs. Yollis' class. Jaden is in the third grade and is already learning so much through blogging. He wrote on our class blog and is so excited to get to blog with college-level students. His blog post was about a Clippers vs. Mavericks game that him and his dad got the chance to go to. He loves basketball and wants to be a NBA player when he grows up!

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