Monday, April 25, 2011

Summary Post C4T #4

C4T #1
I was assigned to read Mr. Tom Johnson's blog post, "Acceptable Use Committee".

Mr. Johnson's post was about banning "Pencil Predators". His post was about a few things. The first point that I got from this post was that he uses few rules in his classroom, but he knows that some are necessary, especially when using computers. Another thing he wrote about was teaching students to be "ethical critical thinkers". What a great idea, teach our students to think and make decisions on their own, using their minds!

In summary, I wrote to Mr. Johnson that there are many precautions to take while using the internet with children. But we can learn the right ways to go about using the internet. Also, he mentioned that he only has three or four rules in his classroom, a lot less than any classroom I have seen. However, he says his class runs just fine with few rules!

C4T #2
I was assigned to read Mr. Johnson's post, "5 Reasons for Leaving The Pencil Conference".

Mr. Johnson's post was about a Pencil Conference that he went to and left early because of 5 main reasons. I listed the few reasons that stuck out most to me. The first reason is that the presenters were unapproachable and claim to love social media teaching tools but do not want you to send them anything making them have to use the tools. A second reason is the presenters were arrogant and he felt as if they were trying to "change" him as a teacher. They did not ask questions because they already "knew it all". A third reason is that no matter how good of an idea something was in the past they will not recognize it to be a good idea. They see it as in the past and only see good ideas now.

After reading Mr. Johnson's 5 reasons for leaving the Pencil Conference early, I can not say that I blame him. Who wants to sit through a class/conference where the presenters know it all and make no mistakes? No one knows everything and everyone makes mistakes. We can never learn to much about anything. That is part of growing and learning!

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